I’ve been passionate about caring for animals all my life. I remember looking after lizards, snakes, spiders, centipedes and scorpions, as well as the usual dogs, birds, rats and fish. Setting up Snake Catcher Noosa was a natural progression. Caring for snakes and looking after people is my dream job.

Sunshine Coast snake catcher

Snakes are common in Australia, and many snakes are dangerous. Snake safety is important because wild snakes are not safe for humans or pets to be around. To help you stay safe, here are important snake safety tips from a professional Sunshine Coast snake catcher.

Deadly snakes Australia

Aside from koalas and kangaroos, Australia is also known for its venomous snakes. There are around 170 species of snakes in the continent, and some of them have a lot more venom compared to other snakes in the world. Deadly snakes Australia is a plenty, but the good news is that only a few people die from their bites each year.