List of Venomous Snakes Australia – What to Avoid in the Land Down Under

Deadly snakes Australia

Aside from koalas and kangaroos, Australia is also known for its venomous snakes. There are around 170 species of snakes in the continent, and some of them have a lot more venom compared to other snakes in the world. Deadly snakes Australia is a plenty, but the good news is that only a few people die from their bites each year.

Even though fatalities are rare when it comes to snake bites, it is important that you are familiar to the list of venomous snakes Australia. Below are the most dangerous snakes in the continent.

Eastern Brown Snake

The eastern brown snake is also known as the common brown snake. It is found all throughout the eastern part of mainland Australia. It is known for its bad temper. Along with other brown snakes, it is the cause of most snake bite deaths in the continent.

The venom of the eastern brown snake is the second most toxic among land snakes in the planet. It is often found in populated places, such as farms in rural areas. The eastern brown snake raises its body from the ground when disturbed with its body forming an S shape and the mouth open. A bite from the eastern brown can result to paralysis, and make the blood stop clotting.

Western Brown Snake

The western brown snake or gwardar is found throughout Australia, except in the wetter parts of south western and eastern Australia. It is less aggressive than the eastern brown snake, but it is still considered to be dangerous. That’s why it is part of the list of venomous snakes Australia.

Western brown snakes are fast and have nervous temperament. When they are disturbed, their instinct is to run away. However, they will strike when cornered before going away. While the venom is not as dangerous as the eastern brown snake, the western brown snake can deliver more venom at a single bite.

Coastal Eastern Taipan

The coastal eastern taipan can kill a person within 30 minutes to two and a half hours after the bite. The snake’s venom is known as taicatoxin that is a powerful neurotoxin. When left untreated, the snake bite victim will die. The coastal eastern taipan is found in the eastern and northern part of Australia. Although its name suggests that it is found near the coast, the snake is also found inland.

Inland Fierce Taipan

The inland taipan has a deadly venom that is harmful even in small amounts, making it one of the deadly snakes Australia. It is found in the semiarid areas of Queensland and South Australia. The venom of the inland fierce taipan has nephrotoxins, hemotoxins, myotoxins, and neurotoxins, as well as hemorrhagic properties. When left untreated, the victim can die within 45 minutes due to respiratory failure.

Mainland Tiger Snake

The mainland tiger snake or the common tiger snake is found in the coastal areas of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia. A lot of people are bitten by the tiger snake each year because it thrives within highly populated areas along the east coast of the continent. Bites by the mainland tiger snake can lead to paralysis and difficulty in breathing.

These are just some of the deadly snakes Australia. When you find one in your property, don’t try to remove it on your own. Instead, contact a professional snake catcher to get rid of the reptile from your property.


Deadly snakes Australia
list of venomous snakes Australia

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