Hire Luke Huntley for safe snake relocation

Every year, a large number of people find snakes in their backyard and inside their homes. With the right knowledge, you can save yourself and your family from a stressful and potentially dangerous situation or even a venomous snake bite. Find out how snake relocation is achieved, always in the hands of experienced professionals.  Keep your family, pets and livestock safe.

By keeping Luke’s phone number handy (0499 920 290), you can call him, 24/7, any time of the day or night. Snake relocation is usually necessary, and when Luke pays a visit he will immediately assess the situation. Snakes are an essential and protected part of our local ecosystem so call Luke first if you are concerned about a snake in or around your property.

Proper Equipment

Luke arrives prepared with professional snake removal equipment.  This will ensure that snake relocation is completed safely and efficiently on your property. Snake hooks, a secure bag and protective clothing are essential in this process.



Snake Categories

Not all snakes are a danger to humans. The common python (carpet snake) are members of the constrictor family and are not venomous however their bite is very painful and often leads to infection.

If you are unable to find the type of snake you currently host in your backyard, take a photo with your phone and send it to Luke. This will ensure Luke has the correct information in order to give you instructions on what you should do until he arrives.

Snake’s New Home

Snake relocation doesn’t mean that Luke will dump the snake in a neighbouring field a couple of kilometres away from your home. In order to achieve the most successful snake relocation, Luke needs to ensure the snake will not be visiting you in the future. After capture, the snake is moved to a suitable and safe environment i.e. state forest or other bushland location, appropriate to the breed.   You and your family are safe and so is the snake, back in the bush, helping to keep our delicate ecosystem in balance.



Keep Calm

If you have never encountered a snake before, it can be an alarming situation. Try to keep calm and above all else, give it plenty of room to move so it doesn’t feel cornered.  Snake relocation is always the best course of action. The top priority is always the safety of you and your family. While waiting for Luke to arrive, it is important to watch the snake’s movements so you know where it is at all times.

First Aid

Call 000 Immediately. It’s a myth that all snake bites are painful or noticeable. If you think you or a family member may have been bitten, call 000 immediately.    Keep a snake bandage in your first aid kits and in your vehicles too. Be prepared and stay safe. Here’s a link to a great Melbourne University first aid page.