Snakes are often the most dangerous creatures to enter your home and property. Most homeowners do everything possible to ensure that snakes do not even come close to entering their homes. In Australia, where the number of venomous snake species is high, the situation is even more dangerous. Most people do not want snakes in their home and this what makes snake

Why Hire an Expert

Snakes can be quite elusive and hard to trap without professional experience.  If you notice a snake in your home, it is advisable to call Luke, who can handle the snake properly to ensure the safety of the snake and you and your family.   Most times Luke will use a snake hook or even his own hands to maneuver the snake into a secure bag before removing the snake from your home in a professional and safe manner.

Luke’s knowledge of snakes is outstanding, especially in regard to their behavior, nesting and breeding patterns. Some common facts that you may wish to know about snakes include:

Some species give birth to live young, while most (about 70%) lay eggs.

Snakes flick their tongues out to smell.

Snakes do not have eyelids and most have triangular heads.

21 of the world’s 25 most deadly snakes can be found in Australia.

The fear of snakes is known as Ophidiophobia.



Common Myths

Snakes are blind.  Snakes aren’t blind, they just have poor eyesight unless they are very close.

Stomping your feet near a snake will make it go away.  Stomping your feet near a snake actually provokes it.  If you are out walking and aren’t sure if snakes are nearby, walking more heavily lets them know where you are and they will most often stay away.

You will know if you have been bitten by a snake.  Not necessarily.  Snake bites can be painless and difficult to find.  If you are not sure, call for help, apply first aid and don’t move.  Venom moves through the blood stream very quickly if you move.

Baby venomous snakes don’t have much venom.  Fact: a baby brown snake has just as much venom as a juvenile or adult brown.  Small or large venomous snakes should be treated with the same caution.


Snake Removal Experts

When you understand snake behaviour, snake removal becomes much safer and straightforward. When handled correctly, most snakes are not aggressive. To avoid any threat to yourself or those close to you, snakes are best left alone. There are many habitats that these animals can thrive in, often including houses, garages and office blocks. The easiest and safest option is always to call your local professional snake handler, Luke Huntley on 0499 920 290.

Snake Catcher Noosa has been providing professional snake removal services to Noosa and the surrounding district for a number of years. Many people have wisely chosen to employ the services of a snake handling professional rather than risk it themselves.

It is often difficult to tell which snakes are venomous and which are not. Luke will be able to identify the snake, often from a picture that you send him, and then he will be able to remove it safely and efficiently.

Why Snakes Come into the House

As snakes are cold blooded, they seek warm places, so this is often why they may end up in your home. They may also enter your home when seeking shelter from extreme weather conditions. They do not require a large space to gain entry into your home. They may use a drain and any other entry point that may have been created in the past or even a small hole in your window or door screen.

Snake removal becomes a more serious matter when they attempt move in with humans and pets. This is where Snake Catcher Noosa Luke Huntley can assist. He is an experienced snake handler and just a phone call away. Luke is a registered and insured professional, ready to help, 24/7, any time of the day or night.