Snake Safety Tips from a Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher

Sunshine Coast snake catcher

Snakes are common in Australia, and many snakes are dangerous. Snake safety is important because wild snakes are not safe for humans or pets to be around. To help you stay safe, here are important snake safety tips from a professional Sunshine Coast snake catcher.

1. Leave the Snake Alone

This could be boring, but you should always leave snakes alone. Nearly all cases of snakes biting humans occur when people are trying to kill, catch or pick up the snake. Snakes do not attack unless they are provoked. The reality is that even stepping on a venomous snake will rarely result in strikes.

However, you should not test your luck. Instead, if you see a snake, back away and leave it alone. If the snake is in your yard and is not looking like it is going to leave, you should call a Sunshine Coast snake catcher.

2. Hire a Professional Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher

If you see a snake in your yard and you really do not want a snake near your home, then you should call a professional Sunshine Coast snake catcher. They have the tools and knowledge to handle snakes. They can also tell you what type of snake are in your yard and what you can do to limit them from coming back in the future. Many home owners do not know that their yards are attracting snakes because there are items that the snake is looking for on the yard.

3. Know the Snake Species in Your Area

Knowing what snake is in your yard can help a professional snake catcher know what tools they should bring. There are many species of snakes that live around Sunshine Coast, with some being fairly harmless and others being venomous. You should take some time to learn about the local species. A good place to start is to do a Google search. There are also guides to how to identify if a snake is poisonous or not.

The more information that you can provide about the snake the better. Each species of snake behave differently, which is important when you having them removed from your yard. Some species of snakes will look similar, so like before you should stay as far away from the snake as you can.

4. Do Not Try to Kill a Snake

No matter the snake, you should not try to kill them. Do not shoot at them or try hitting them with a shovel. Even if you think that you can handle a snake by yourself, you should still call a professional snake catcher. There are hundreds of cases each year of people being hospitalised after trying to kill a snake. The best option is to leave the snake alone and call a professional to remove it.

When you see a snake, you should make sure that you call a snake catcher as soon as you can. Luke is a professional Sunshine Coast snake catcher. Snakes can be dangerous to both humans and other animals, which is why you should contact a professional Sunshine Coast snake catcher when you spot a snake in or near your yard.

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